Species Information
ColorsTan, Black
HomelandBara Magna
Species StatusMost Alive
"I Zesk. No talk. Leave me!"
—Zesk, Glatorian Arena

The Zesk were a primitive subspecies of the Agori.


The Zesk were once usual Agori and members of the Sand Tribe. However, the Great Beings experimented with their genes, giving them stinger tails, four eyes, and made them walk on all four legs. After the Shattering, they regressed into little more than beasts. They lived with the Vorox, who had also regressed from Glatorian. The Zesk were protected by the Vorox, as they were not good fighters, instead they were good at stealing food, which the Vorox were not very good at. They spoke a primitive, broken language of Agori after they regressed. DescriptionEdit

CGI-Zesk in the Wastelands

A Zesk in the Wastelands

Zesk are tribesmen who have regressed to a primitive, bestial state. They hide in the sand and attack travelers. Savage and dangerous, they are no longer capable of speech or much beyond primitive thought. They possess enhanced senses, particularly sight and smell, which enables them to track prey. Small, not very bright, Zesk won’t last long in a fight with a Glatorian.

Set InformationEdit

  • The Zesk set released in 2009 was a representative of the average member of the Zesk species.
  • It was set number 8977 and had a piece count of 16.
  • It was one of the few 2009 sets not to have the new hand mold (others were Malum and Tarduk).
  • Of all the Agori sets, Zesk had the second most large amount of pieces while Tarduk had the most with 17 pieces.
  • Zesk's B.I.O. Code is 73HZ5K.


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