Water Harpoon
Weapon Information
FunctionChannel water powers
User(s)Vezok (formerly)

The Water Harpoon was Piraka Vezok's weapon of choice. It could pull him through tides at high speeds. On its other end was a buzzsaw that could focus Vezok's Water powers in the form of water daggers.

Later, Vezok was mutated into a sea serpent, and discarded the weapon as he could no longer use it.

Set InformationEdit

The Water Harpoon was included in the 2006 Vezok set.

Piraka Tools (v|e)
Lava Launcher / ClawWater Harpoon / Circular SawThree-Blade Scissor / TongsSeismic Pickaxe / Jackhammer
Buzzsaw / DrillIce Gun / Ice PegSpear of FusionZamor Launchers

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