Vuata Maca Tree
Vuata Maca
Item Information
Primary User(s)Matoran on Mata Nui
Primary LocationAll Koro on Mata Nui
Functionalities"recharge" a Matoran with its Vuata Maca fruits

The Vuata Maca Tree was a tree that grows on Mata Nui, one in every village. This tree is famous for its energy-bearing fruit. While Takua was on his quest for the Toa Stones, many Vuata Maca Trees were poisoned, and they could only be healed by two Vuata Maca Crystals.

Dead Vuata Maca

A dying Vuata Maca Tree



  • Because of their energy, it is assumed that the Vuata Maca fruit was "absorbed" by the Matoran in the way they would in the Matoran Recharge Center in Ga-Metru.

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