Venom Flyer
Venom Flyer
Species Information
ColorsWhite, red, light blue, brown
Species StatusActive

Venom Flyers were flying Rahi that traveled with the Visorak. It specialized in catching flying Rahi using their Rhotuka spinners which could prevent the target from flying naturally or mechanically. It has a second Rhotuka that is under its shell that spins, forcing it up into the air. It could grind any solid object on Metru Nui.


Visorak (v|e)
Commanders: SidorakRoodakaVakama (formerly)
Breeds: VohtarakBoggarakRoporakOohnorakSuukorakKeelerakKahgarak
Allies: ZivonVenom FlyerGate GuardianColony Drone
War Vehicles: Visorak Battle Ram

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