Vakama's Forge
Location Information
Primary ResidentsN/A
Former ResidentsVakama (as a Matoran

Vakama's Forge was where Vakama worked on his Kanohi. There was a heat source in the center, and a pile of failed attempts to create the Kanohi Vahi. Toa Mangai Lhikan delivered a Toa Stone to Vakama here. It was here the lone Toa was also captured by two Dark Hunters, Nidhiki and Krekka.

The Forge was damaged during the Great Cataclysm, but Vakama (now a Toa Hordika) and the Rahaga Norik were able to salvage some airship controls from it. The forge was eventually rebuilt 1,001 years later by the Staff of Artakha when the Matoran had returned to the city.

Following the Battle of Bara Magna and the collapse of the Great Spirit Robot, the Forge was abandoned as all those who worked in it moved onto Spherus Magna to begin new lives. 

  • Vakama's Anvil
  • Vakama's Proto burner
Ta-Metru (v|e)
Great Furnace  • Protodermis Reclamation Yard  • Protodermis Reclamation Furnace
Fire Pits  • Vakama's Forge

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