Blue Ussal
Species Information
GroupLand Rahi
ColorsGrey, Black, Purple, Blue, Yellow-orange, Brown
Species StatusCommon

Ussal Crabs were a species of crab Rahi. They could be tamed and used for battle, transportation, mining, and sport. These crabs were most notably used by Onu-Koro, usually in the Ussalry, and in Le-Metru where they were used by Le-Matoran drivers to haul cargo or passengers. Mining crabs in Onu-Wahi were sometimes seen with saws for pincers. There was once a giant Ussal that attacked Toa Metru Nuju and Whenua when they searched for the Great Disks. The most well-known Ussal was Takua's faithful pet named Pewku. Rock Ussal were a variant breed of Ussal on Voya Nui that had pincers. At a later point in their lives, Ussal crabs would evolve to a larger, stronger form.

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