Bionicle Music (some songs are minorly change to Bionicle version)

I notices we dont have a music catalog nor articles for Bionicle music and I know most of the youtube videos posted in this wiki are somehow removed. So I am going listed out in here since I have a werid feeling that if I MADE an actual article it would be somehow delete(d).

So here is the ongoing updating list & also the link to listen to the music:

Bionicle Music


~ featured on a CD from a rare limited edition BIONICLE Power Pack back in 2001~

  1. The BIONICLE Music by Toa Mata Lewa

Info: it is heard MNOG during Lewa VS Onua battle, Kopaka VS a rahi, Muaka, and the final battle against Makuta Teridax episodes and was later featured on the Vahki short clips.

2. Hura-Mafa Flow, 'Vocals and Guitars by Toa Mata Gali & programming by 'Toa Mata Kopaka

Info: you can hear a vocal track that contains the words "Still Searching" & "Rock One, Rock Two, Rock Three".

Trivia: This song is attributed to Toa Gali because it is named after Hura-Mafa River in Ga-Wahi.

3. Kumo Rocks', Vocals and Guitars by 'Toa Mata Gali & programming by Toa Mata Kopaka

Info: you can kinda hear the words "Rock Your World" in the music.

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