There were various ways of transportation in the BIONICLE universe.

Metru Nui Edit

  • Airships: Flying vehicles powered by Levitation Kanoka disks used to transport goods
  • Archives Cart: Cart used to transport Rahi and other archives exhibits
  • Chutes: Tubes made of liquid Protodermis, and held together by a stream of gravitational energy in the center; used to transport cargo and Matoran
  • Cargo Hauler: Small airships used to carry cargo
  • Cargo Loader: Small cargo transports
  • Ussal Crab: Crab Rahi that were sometimes used by Matoran for transportation
  • Vahki Transport: Transports used to carry vahki, large Rahi, and Matoran pods all over the city

Mata Nui Edit

Karda Nui Edit

Mistika Riders

The riders of the Codrex Vehicles. From left to right: Toa Pohatu Nuva, Makuta Antroz, and Toa Lewa Nuva.

Bara Magna Edit