Toa Terrain Crawler
Toa terrain
Species Information
GroupToa Mahri
WeaponsLegs, Cordak Blaster
Species StatusAlive

The Toa Terrain Crawler in action

The Toa Terrain Crawler was an aquatic Rahi that the Toa Mahri used to return to the Pit after they had escorted the Matoran of Mahri Nui back to Voya Nui. Axonn gave it to them after modifying it; Hahli was disturbed by the alteration of the Rahi. The Toa Mahri used the crawler to fight the Barraki and their sea creature servants. The crawler also had the ability to repair their weapons and armor.


  • The Barraki's Spider Crab steeds were the only things that scared a Toa Terrain Crawler.
  • The Toa Terrain Crawler's head somewhat resembled a Great Faxon.

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