Toa Power was the energy within a Toa that could not be restored, and was vital to the life and destiny of Toa, for, if it was used up, the lack of it would transform the Toa into a Turaga. Latent Toa Power was found in certain Matoran; when exposed to active Toa Power, the inactive Toa Power within that Matoran would activate and transform that Matoran into a Toa. Toa Power could be transferred into Toa Stones; Toa Lhikan did this in order to create a new generation of Toa for Metru Nui. Toa Lhikan gave up his Toa Power to create the Toa Metru, who also in turn, sacrificed portions of their power and put it inside Toa Stones which they then hid around the island of Mata Nui. Then using the rest of their Toa Power, the Toa Metru awakened the Matoran from Metru Nui in Naho Bay. Toa Power could be drained over a distance by the Nui Stone.

Known UsesEdit

  • Transforming a destined Matoran into a Toa.
  • Awakening one or more beings from a coma.
  • Healing other beings, including Rahi.
  • If used up, it would transform a Toa into a Turaga.

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