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The Toa Inika Mini Promo CD was a promotional CD-ROM which was exclusively packaged with the Toa Inika sets in China and Belgium.

Content Edit

Story Edit

The story section of the CD features short biographies of the individual Toa Inika in various languages, identical to those released in 2006 on the official BIONICLE website. The bios include information on the Toa's names, abilities, personalities, tools/weapons, and Kanohi masks.

Videos Edit

The video section of the CD contains video advertisements of the Toa Inika. However, the section only included videos for three of the Toa: JallerHahli, and Matoro.

Games Edit

The games section of the CD contains information, a trailer, screenshots, and a demo for BIONICLE Heroes. The demo could be installed directly through the disk. Aside from the demo, no other games are included in the CD.

Downloads Edit

The downloads section of the CD contained wallpapers and screensavers of the Toa Inika .


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