Three-Blade Scissor
Weapon Information
FunctionMelee combat
User(s)Zaktan (formerly)

The Three-Blade Scissor was Piraka Zaktan's melee weapon. It was capable of slicing through stone and featured a pair of tongs at the end opposite to the blades. Like Zaktan, this sword was converted into Protodites by "The Shadowed One's" eye beams. This was helpful to Zaktan because he could regenerate his weapon when it was broken by Tahu.

When Zaktan was mutated by the Pit's Mutagen, the weapon was absorbed into his body.

Piraka Tools (v|e)
Lava Launcher / ClawWater Harpoon / Circular SawThree-Blade Scissor / TongsSeismic Pickaxe / Jackhammer
Buzzsaw / DrillIce Gun / Ice PegSpear of FusionZamor Launchers

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