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The Green Belt was supposedly caused by the Kanohi Mask of Life. The entrance to the Chamber of Life is somewhere in the green belt. The Matoran Village in it held another secret: the entrance to the Stone Cord that led to Mahri Nui.


Reidak once pursuited a Le-Matoran down it in the Piraka/Toa Inika Animations, then Thok captured the same Le Matoran before he discovered the chamber that led to the Mask of Life. It was most likely destroyed when Mata Nui rose from the sea.

Voya Nui (v|e)

Fire Regions: Mt. ValmaiLake of LavaChamber of LifeLava Reservoirs

Water Regions: The Cape of No HopeLagoon EntranceMahri Nui (formerly)Voya Nui Bay

Village Regions: Matoran StrongholdMatoran VillageThe Jungle SanctuaryCanyon Fortress

Piraka Regions: Piraka StrongholdThe Chamber of TruthPiraka Outpost

Ignika Chambers: Staircase to the IgnikaThe Zone of NightmaresThe Chamber of Death
Umbra and Protodax's ChamberLava Chamber Gate

Other Regions: Ring of IceCavern of Historical RecordsDesert of SorrowsThe Green Belt
Lake of ProtodermisNui CavesStone Cord

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