The Exile's Tale
The Exile's Tale Bionicle
Book Information
AuthorGreg Farshtey & Christian Zanier
SeriesBionicle Graphic Novels' exclusive stories
Year published2010
Number in series{{{5}}}
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Current bookThe Exile's Tale
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An Exile's Tale is an exclusive 25 page comic released with two other comics in BIONICLE 8: Legends of Bara Magna. This comic gives details of Malum's exile from Vulcanus and how he dominated a Vorox pack. It was written by Greg Farshtey and illustrated by Christian Zanier.


The comic starts out with Malum and Vastus fighting a match in Vulcanus. At first Vastus was winning, but eventually, Malum was overcome by rage and brutally tackled Vastus. In the audience, Raanu and Tarduk discussed why the Fire Tribe didn't exile Malum. Raanu stated that it was safer to have Malum where they could see him rather than roam the desert as an exile. Meanwhile, in the arena, Malum beat Vastus and was about to kill him until Strakk interfered.

Two months later, Malum was spotted brutally beating a Tesara trainee in a practice match and Malum claimed that the Fire Tribe has nothing to worry about the Jungle Tribe. Later Raanu asked Malum to curb his ferocity, as other villages were hesitating to send their fighters into the arena with him. Malum refused, saying that the other villages can go to blazes.

A few months later, Malum and Strakk were pitted against each other in the arena. Malum was driven to fury by the ice Glatorian's dirty fighting and attempted to kill him. However, Gresh interfered, pinning him to the ground. Raanu later decided to exile Malum, and he was escorted from Vulcanus by Ackar and three trainees.

After roaming the desert for weeks, Malum came across a pack of Vorox and defeated the pack's leader. Malum took control over the pack and vowed to destroy Vulcanus one day.





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