Episode 4 of LEGO BIONICLE: The Journey to One.
The Dark Portal 1
"It's all here..Every bit of it. When we got here... our masks... our creatures. Wait, that's me! This was all meant to be. But why? Of course! United but not One. Duty... Unity... and now Destiny."

The Toa and Ekimu immediately go after Umarak to stop him from summoning Makuta back to their world. Destinies occur, evil is stopped and the Toa go back to where they came from.

Plot Edit

The Dark Portal 2
Ekimu and the Toa are in the Stone Region and are slowly making their way to the portal. Ekimu starts telling them the legend of him and Makuta that explains why Makuta was so jealous of his brother and was hungry for power. The Toa are shocked to hear what happened and continue their journey. Lewa and Pohatu have a little banter about which region is better for opening a portal to the Shadow Realm. Toa quickly catch up to Umarak and see that he has collected all the pieces from the forbidden mask that he'll use to summon Makuta. Toa discuss how they have an element of surprise when suddenly Umarak comes behind them and attacks them. Lewa and Tahu joke around about the element of surprise (LOL). Umarak creates elemental portals and the elemental beasts come and attack Toa while he runs off to the top of the mountain where the portal is.
The Dark Portal 67
Pohatu gets super mad and uses his special power move to defeat all the beasts. Toa and Ekimu run after Umarak and try to stop him from reaching the top. They fail and Umarak continues climbing. He reaches the top and places the broken mask fragments around the portal. He starts doing the ritual but Toa stop him and fight him off. Umarak defeats the Toa, traps them in shadows, Ekimu comes and with the help of Agil, he merges with him, access more power and defeats the shadow around them all, weakens Umarak. Ekimu lost his power armor and turns back to his normal small self. He feels weak, Gali says so does Umarak and goes and steals one fragment of the broken mask. Tahu tried to stop her but Ekimu told him that it's her choice. While she's on her way back to the Toa, the dark portal traps her, drags her soul to the Shadow Realm and Gali's body is dropped to the floor. Terrified Toa seek for the bright side and say that Gali is smart and that she will find a way out of there. At the Shadow Realm, Gali's soul is hiding from Makuta and his minions that are Skull Warriors and Villagers as they pass through a path to Makuta's throne. Makuta speaks of true power and stopping the Toa from having their powers as Gali secretly sneaks behind him and his minions into a secret room where the prophecy is written all over the wall. From the day they arrived, to finding their masks and creatures and to the exact moment when Gali got sucked in the Shadow Realm. Gali finds out what will happen after this battle and runs to the place where she got sucked in the first place so she can escape. Back at the real world, Umarak is seen being fully taken over by Makuta and used as the final fragment for the portal to be opened. Umarak gets sucked into the portal and Makuta is seen coming out of it. The Toa are in great shock after seeing how big Makuta is and Ekimu says it's all in the prophecies. Gali comes out of the realm and tells them that she knows how they can stop Makuta from entering their world. Tahu and the others question how she knows while she responds that her and Ekimu know. Ekimu then speaks how it was all foretold and that what happens now is their destiny. Gali uses her elemental power and strikes Makuta making him weak, she speaks how this is the final thing they will do. Other Toa join her and use their elemental powers.
The Dark Portal 147 (REUPLOAD)

Toa start saying "For Unity, For Duty, For Destiny!" while they weaken Makuta to the point that he is sent back to the Shadow Realm and the Toa are sent back to the stars from where they came from to Okoto. Episode ends with Izotor telling the Bionicle Legend to the rest of the Okotans and how they will summon the Toa back once they are needed. "This was the Legend of the Bionicle."These are the final words of Izotor as the episode roles the credits.

Official Description Edit

At the Black Crater, the Toa discover their true destiny as they take on the Destroyer and Makuta in a final showdown.

Gallery Edit

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