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Tahu keyv

This month's Featured Article is Tahu, Toa of Fire!

"Enough of this bickering. We will accomplish nothing by standing here and having a debate. The decision is made - we split into small groups. It's the best of both worlds, can't you see that?"
—Toa Mata Tahu (2001)

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Did You Know...?

  • ...that in BIONICLE Heroes, all of the Piraka have two-toed, webbed feet, but Hakann, Vezok and Reidak really had clawed feet?
  • ...that in BIONICLE Heroes, Hewkii's default weapon before upgrading was called 'Po-Koro', after the name of his home village?
  • ...that the first six Matoran prefixes (Ta-, Ga-, Le-, Ko-, Onu-, and Po-) are the first letters of the Toa Mata's names?

Site News

  • LEGO has announced that, after 2016, LEGO BIONICLE Generation 2 will be discontinued.

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"The people of this island are builders. But look into their hearts, and you will find that they also have the power to destroy. I am that power. I am destruction. And I will destroy you."
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