The Admin List is consist of admins that was a part of a large community, Wiki Metru. It comprises a number of wikis that are now no longer unify as of 2014.


The BIONICLE Wiki is a reference source dealing with all canon BIONICLE information. Any Wiki Metru member can contribute and add information to articles.


Custom BIONICLE Wiki

Custom BIONICLE Wiki is a site where users can post their own fan fictions and create their own pages about their storylines in encyclopedic format. It is currently the largest BIONICLE-related wiki on the Internet.



HeroPedia was the definitive resource for LEGO Hero Factory information, as a companion resource to BIONICLEpedia.


Custom Hero Factory Wiki

Custom Hero Factory Wiki was a site created in the style of Custom BIONICLE, where users collaborate to create wiki-style articles for their fan fiction creations.


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