Temple of Time located in a mountain which is at between the Region of Jungle and Region of Water.

Perched on the peak of a small mountain on the eastern side of Okoto, between the Region of Water and the Region of Jungle, The Temple of Time is the Protectors' most sacred place. The Protectors and Ekimu believe Temple of Time is the oldest structure on the entire island, and it is among the few structures that escaped destruction during the battle of the Mask Makers. The Protectors and Ekimu also believe that the temple mystically connects Okoto with other places, including distant worlds, across time and space. When the Protectors finally realize that their own powers are not sufficient to stop the rising evil on Okoto and all hope seems lost, they go to the Temple of Time to recite the Prophecy of Heroes which whispered to the Ancient Protectors and summon the Toa (2015).  

Ashampoo Snap 2016.05.16 17h29m09s 001

The upper half of the true Mask of Time.

Also kept in a secret vault in the Temple of Time, the Mask of Time (Vahi) possesses powers that even the wisest elders don't completely understand. According to ancient legends, the Mask of Time is actually a fragment of a larger mask: It is the upper half that completes the true Mask of Time. The Protectors don't possess any records or illustrations regarding the lower half of Mask of Time and unaware of its location.

Trivia Edit

Intentionally or not, this Temple of Time was named after the Zelda series' own Temple of Time.

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