Makuta Now, I will protect Mata Nui from you!

Some of the contents of this article are non-canon, meaning that they are not a part of the BIONICLE story. Be warned that this article is about as true as Makuta protecting Mata Nui.

Temple of Faith
250px-Temple of Faith-1-
Location Information
Primary Residents'
Former ResidentsThe Crystal of Faith
LocationAbove Turaga Matau's tree hut in Le-Koro, Le-Wahi

The Temple of Faith (also known as Le-Koro Ruins) was a temple above Turaga Matau's tree hut in Le-Koro and was also known as the secret area (due to the fact none of the Le-Matoran never bother to explore the Turaga's tree hut). It was dedicated to the principle of Faith. It also housed the Crystal of Faith.

It could only be reached if you (as Hahli in the game) climbed a vine at the right side of the ceiling of Turaga's tree hut after solving the temple's riddles by the climbing up a vine on the left side of the Turaga's tree hut and place the gathered charms onto the key slots on a branch-like contraptions.

The riddles were:

  • In Darkness, Light (Charm of Faith)
  • Strength of Numbers (Charm of Unity)
  • Word of Honor (Charm of Duty)
  • Faith Grants This (Charm of Accuracy)

It was destroyed by the Bohrok after the Toa Nuva released the Bahrag.


Mata Nui Online Game II: The Final Chronicle (first appearance)

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