Temple of Courage
Temple of Courage MNOGII
Location Information
Primary ResidentsNone
Former ResidentsNone
LocationNear Ta-Koro's bridge, Ta-Wahi
MakutaNone (currently)
Teridax (formerly)

The Temple of Courage (also known as Ta-Koro Ruins) was a temple located near Ta-Koro's bridge. It was dedicated to the Principle of Courage. Inside the temple was the Crystal of Courage.

In order to have access to the temple; one needed to gather all three charms related to this temple's principle, a Virtue, and Ta-Koro's Kolhii Skill and solve the riddles on the doors by placing the charms on the key slots near them (the doors).

The riddles were:

  • Conquers Fear (Charm of Courage)
  • Pride of Guards (Charm of Duty)
  • Might of Heart and Limb (Charm of Strength)

The Temple survived the destruction of Ta-Koro at the hands of the Rahkshi, but was later destroyed by the Bohrok after the Toa Nuva re-released the Bahrag.


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