"The Makuta attempted to migrate, only to find their way barred by Toa Takanuva and the Order. Together, they drove the Makuta back underground, and no sign had been seen of them since. His destiny achieved, Takanuva had sacrificed his power to bring a new generation of Toa into being. These included Toa Kapura, Toa Balta, Toa Dalu, Toa Velika, Toa Defilak, and a new Toa of Light, Tanma. Takanuva had then become a Turaga and was named leader of the Kingdom in recognition of his heroism."
—Narration, The Kingdom
Takanuva (The Kingdom Alternate Universe)
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Biographical Information
Species Matoran (Toa/Turaga)
Group Turaga
Mask Noble Avohkii
Colors Gold, white
Element/Powers Light
Homeland Karda Nui
Occupation Turaga of the Kingdom
Tools Unknown
Location Mata Nui (renamed "The Kingdom")
Status Alive
Pronunciation TAH-kah-NOO-vah

The Turaga Takanuva in an alternate timeline was a former Av-Matoran and Toa of Light.


In this timeline, Takanuva's life before The Kingdom was exactly the same as the main universe's Takanuva. However, when Matoro failed to bring Mata Nui back from the dead, everybody then evacuated to Mata Nui. Using the last of his Toa Power, he created a barrier of light around the Matoran Universe exits to keep the Makuta out and made Balta, Kapura, Velika, Defilak, Dalu and Tanma into Toa. Takanuva then became the leader of the leading council.

10,000 years later, he met his alternate universe counterpart and had a meeting with him and a few others, including Toa Tanma. They later went to go get Toa Takanuva other weapons to replace his Staff of Light. Arriving at the hut of some Nynrah Ghosts, both Takanuvas entered, where Toa Takanuva received a Power Lance and Midak Skyblaster.

After Teridax's death, Toa Takanuva was sent back to his universe. Turaga Takanuva then oversaw the construction of a statue of Matoro.

Powers and ToolsEdit

As a Toa of Light, Takanuva could manipulate and control light, making it possible to shoot a powerful beam of light at enemies that could either freeze or destroy them, or create a sphere of light energy that he could throw, among other things. As a Turaga, Takanuva possessed severely weakened Light powers.

Although a Toa, and later a Turaga, Takanuva still had the Av-Matoran ability to form a mental link with another Toa. He could also alter his apparent color, and make holograms of himself.


Takanuva's mask was the Avohkii, the Great Mask of Light, which augmented his Elemental Power of light, and could bring peace and understanding to others. It could also reverse the effects of the Kraahkan. As a Turaga, this version of Takanuva wore the Noble Avohkii. This mask possessed the same powers as the Great Avohkii, but on a weaker level.


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