100px-Ta Suva-1-
Dedicated toTahu
StatusDestroyed by the Rahkshi

Ta-Suva was the shrine to Tahu. The Ta-Suva was located in Ta-Koro, and it was here where Nokama confirmed that the Kanohi Avohkii belonged to the Toa of Light. The Ta-Suva also housed Tahu's Nuva Symbol. His Nuva Symbol was stolen from it by the Bohrok-Kal. The Ta-Suva was destroyed by the Rahkshi shortly after the discovery of the Ahvokii.

Set InformationEdit

The canister lid of the Toa Tahu set represented the Ta-Suva. The lid had a head at the top; this did not exist in canon storyline. The head in the top is meant for storing the Golden Kanohi.


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