250px-LoMN Toa Suva-1-
Item Information
Primary User(s)Toa
Primary LocationMatoran Universe: Metru Nui, Mata Nui, Voya Nui
FunctionalitiesStore Kanohi and Toa Tools; transform Matoran into Toa

A Suva was a shrine, usually dedicated to heroes like Toa. Suva were typically used to put in Toa Stones and transform destined Matoran into Toa. The Suva on Mata Nui were also used to hold the Toa Mata and Turaga's collected Kanohi, allowing them to mentally retrieve the masks from anywhere on the island. They later held the Toa Nuva's Kanohi Nuva and their symbols.

Known SuvaEdit

Mata NuiEdit

Metru NuiEdit

Voya NuiEdit

  • A Suva destroyed by the Piraka

Set InformationEdit

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