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Species Information
ColorsOrange, white
HabitatAreas with a hot climate
Tools and AbilitiesVarious

Su-Matoran were Matoran tied to the element of Plasma. No Su-Matoran have appeared in the BIONICLE storyline yet, but logic dictates that since there are Toa of Plasma, there must be Matoran as well. Although not familiar in places such as Metru Nui, Mata Nui, Voya Nui, or Mahri Nui, Su-Matoran's Traits were that they were resistant to heat and sunlight. They also lived in areas with a hot climate. Su-Matoran main colors were orange and white.

Known Matoran of PlasmaEdit

  • An unknown Su-Matoran that became a Toa of Plasma and was attacked by Zaktan. - Status unknown

See AlsoEdit

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