Staff of Loyalty
Staff of Loyalty
Weapon Information
FunctionTurned target into a believer of order
User(s)Bordakh, Kraahu
StatusNo longer in use

Staffs of Loyalty were tools wielded by the Vahki Bordakh. They transformed any target into a wholehearted believer in order, willing to identify any lawbreakers the target knew of, even if they were friends or allies. The target would then willingly lead the Bordakh to them.

Example UseEdit

In the Vahki Online Animations, a Bordakh used a Staff of Loyalty on Marka, turning her into a loyal "servant" and making her lure out her friends. Also, in Comic 19: Enemies of Metru Nui, another Bordakh used it on Nokama, making her defect into a loyal "servant".

After the Great Cataclysm, the Bordakh and their Staffs of Loyalty were put out of use, as the Vahki were all destroyed.

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