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Staff of Fear
Staff of Fear
Weapon Information
PowerFire blasts of fear energy
User(s)In use

The Staff of Fear was the weapon of Rahkshi Turahk. It could induce anything from slight unease to sheer terror in foes. A being struck by a blast from the staff would either run away in panic or remain rooted to the spot in sheer terror. Turahk's power was particularly disturbing to the Toa Nuva, heroes that had rarely known fear.

Staff of Fear in use

The Staff of Fear in use

Known UsesEdit

  • A Turahk created by Makuta Teridax used a Staff of Fear on Pohatu, causing him to stand completely still in fear.
    • The same Turahk used a Staff of Fear on Takua, though Jaller was able to disrupt its hold on the Chronicler, albeit at the cost of his own life.
Rahkshi Weapons (v|e)
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