Souvenir Shop
Location Information
Primary ResidentsNone
Former ResidentsPekka
Locationat the skirts of Motara Desert and close to the port of Leva Bay

There were many Souvenir Shops on Mata Nui and in Metru Nui selling different kinds of things from their Koro or Metru. One particular shop was run by the Po-Matoran Pekka on the out skirts of Motara Desert. His little stall sold carvings made by the sculptors of Po-Koro.


  • Pekka's shop was shown to have the following: 9 Mata Nui Stones, a Kolhii ball, a sculpture of a Matoran head, a rock that said: "My friend went to Po-Koro and all I got was this lousy rock", a statue of Hafu kicking a Kolhii ball, and the Gali and Tarakava sets locked in battle.

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