The Skull Warriors are a rank in the Skull Grinder Kulta's army.

Skull Warrior
Skull Warrior Information
Species Unknown
Group Skull Creatures
Mask Skull Mask (Powerless)
Colors Silver, gunmetal, aqua,
Element/Powers Ability to drain masks of their Elemental Powers
Homeland Okoto
Occupation Warrior
Tools Freeze Bow Rapid Shooter, Ice Spear
Location City of The Mask Makers
Status '
Pronunciation '

Power and Tools Edit

Skull Warriors can extract elemental powers from Golden Masks, and what they lack in strength, they more than make up for in numbers.

Each one wields a Freeze Bow Rapid Shooter, which is able to shoot rapid-fire pellets over long ditances and freeze opponents. They also each wield an Ice Spear, which they use for melee combat.

Skull Army (v|e)
Leader: Skull Grinder
Members: Skull SlicerSkull ScorpioSkull BasherSkull Warior

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