Silver Kanohi

A Silver Hau

Makuta Now, I will protect Mata Nui from you!

Some of the contents of this article are non-canon, meaning that they are not a part of the BIONICLE story. Be warned that this article is about as true as Makuta protecting Mata Nui.

The same way six different Great Kanohi can be exchanged for one Golden Kanohi, three can be exchanged for one Silver. It is probable that two Silver Kanohi with no common power could be exchanged for one Golden Kanohi. The Rua looked like a Silver Kanohi.

It is possible the Silver Kanohi represent the masks in their colorless state; before they were claimed by one of the Toa Mata. Silver Kanohi appear in BIONICLE Heroes, where they are referred to as being protodermic Kanohi that have not yet been worn by a Toa. This interpretation is backed up by the 2001 promotional image showing Gali holding up a newly discovered silver Kanohi, which is not a Toa colour as it has not yet been worn.

Set InformationEdit

  • The 2002 Krana/Kanohi packs each contained one randomly selected silver Kanohi, along with one similarly random golden one and three (also random) Krana.

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