Sea Sled
Toa Lesovikk on Sled
Item Information
Primary User(s)Lesovikk
Primary LocationMahri Nui
FunctionalitiesAquatic transportation, combat
"Something darted toward him–-but it wasn’t a Takea shark. It was a masked figure on a mechanical sea sled, wielding a sword."
—Narration, Dreams of Destruction

The Sea Sled was a vehicle used by Lesovikk, Toa of Air. The Sea Sled could be ridden not only underwater but also above water, which assisted Lesovikk while he moved from place to place trying to find his Matoran friends as well as do good deeds to redeem himself. The Sled had a Cordak Blaster mounted on the front as well, as retractable legs as a landing mechanism. The blaster was found in a Barraki armory. Lesovikk charged at a group of Takea Sharks while riding the Sea Sled to scare them away and save his friend Sarda

Set InformationEdit

  • The sea sled was first released in 2007 as a Special Edition set with Lesovikk included.
  • The set contained 149 pieces, including Lesovikk, and cost US $19.99 (£14.9).
  • The Sled measured 11 inches (28cm) long.
  • The Sea Sled's set number was 8939

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