Scarabax Shield
Set Scarab Shield
Weapon Information
User(s)Mata Nui
StatusNo longer in use

The Scarabax Shield was a Shield wielded by Mata Nui. It was created when the Scarabax Beetle Click touched the Ignika while Mata Nui was wearing it, allowing him to transform between the form of a shield and the form of a Scarabax Beetle. When Click is a shield, it is impossible for him to feel pain when hit, because he loses his nervous system in shield form.

After Mata Nui took control of the Prototype Robot, the shield is no longer in use, as Click is currently in his Scarabax form and Mata Nui's spirit is dormant inside the Ignika.


  • Mata Nui

Set InformationEdit

  • A Scarab Shield was released in summer 2009 with Toa Mata Nui.
  • The Scarab Shield was constructed using two pieces.


  • In movie form, the shield had Click's face on it.

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