Scarabax Beetle
Species Information
HomelandBara Magna
Species StatusMost alive

Scarabax Beetles were a species of small insectoid creatures that roamed the deserts of Bara Magna.

According to most Agori, they were considered very nice to have around, while to other Agori and the Skrall, they were considered 'pests'. Scarabax were in the Bara Magna desert when Mata Nui arrived within the Kanohi Ignika.

During the Battle of Roxtus, a large amount of Scarabax gathered together, forming a huge structure that resembled Malum. At the end of the battle, they dispersed.

Known ScarabaxEdit

  • Click - A Scarabax granted the ability by the Ignika to transform into a shield.
  • Many Scarabax in The Legend Reborn
  • Many unknown Scarabax featured in Metus's Revenge.


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