Ko-Koro guards
Sanctum Guard
Sanctum Guard Information
Species AffliationMatoran
AlliesToa Mata/Toa Nuva, Mata Nui Military, Chronicler's Company
EnemiesTeridax, Infected Rahi, other threats
GoalDefend Ko-Koro (formerly)
Defend Ko-Metru (formerly)
Defend Matoran on Spherus Magna

The Sanctum Guard, also known as the Ko-Koro Guard, was the organization that protected Ko-Koro from attacks. It was the fourth largest military on Mata Nui, behind the Ta-Koro Guard, Le-Koro's Gukko Bird Force, and Onu-Koro's Ussalry.


Some time after the start of the Great War, the Sanctum Guard was established. Together with the Ta-Koro Guard, they defended the Tren Krom Break from Rahi attacks. Near the end of the War, the North Guard at the Tren Krom Break was attacked, and Makuta's Rahi drove the members of the Guard out into the Drifts, and froze Kopeke in an ice wall.

Equipment and TacticsEdit

The Sanctum Guard used ice pickaxes as their primary weapon. They were also expert trackers and trap builders, and used these skills to fight the Rahi.


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