Rock Raptor
Species Information
ColorsGreen, brown
WeaponsSelf-made tools
Species StatusUnknown

Rock Raptors are among the more cunning and dangerous Rahi of Po-Metru. They prey upon larger animals, particularly Kikanalo, using a unique method. A Rock Raptor uses its self-made tools to dig out caves in the mountains of Po-Metru as living space they share with Spiny Stone Apes. It can then use those same tools to weaken entire slopes and bring them down in a rain of stone on Kikanalo herds or wandering Kane-Ra. Stunned, the larger creatures are then easy prey for the Raptors. Rock Raptors could be found near the Sculpture Fields.

Set InformationEdit


In Bionicle Encyclopedia Vol. 2; the Visorak, Roporak usually hunted or fought the Rock Raptors until they are near-extinction in Metru Nui.

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