Rhotuka Launching Shield
Rhotuka Launching Shield
Weapon Information
FunctionDefence, launching Rhotuka
User(s)Toa Hagah (currently)
Toa Varian (formerly)
StatusSome in use

Rhotuka Launching Shields were a special type of shield carried by the Toa Hagah. In addition to defensive purposes, the Shields were also able to launch Rhotuka spinners.


  • Toa Hagah Norik - Lost when mutated into a Rahaga--since restored. Launched a Rhotuka that slowed down an opponent.
  • Toa Hagah Iruini - Lost when mutated into a Rahaga--since restored. Launched a Rhotuka that healed others.
  • Toa Varian - Formerly; launched a Rhotuka that made her enemies sleep.

Set InformationEdit

The shields included two Rhotuka spinners, one contained on the laucher and one contained in a holding slot towards the bottom of the shield. One of the Rhotuka was the color of the shield and metallic armor (Gold for Iruini, Platinum for Norik) while the other was the color of the Toa (green for Iruini, Red for Norik). Iruini still used his Gold spinner as a Rahaga.

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