The Region of Stone is one of the six elemental regions of Okoto.

Description Edit

The Region of Stone is hot and barren, dominating the northwestern section of Okoto. There are strange desert canyons, trackless sand dunes, and frequent violent sandstorms, which are only a few of its dangers.

History Edit

It was in the Region of Stone that Ekimu knocked the Mask of Ultimate Power from Makuta's face, which created a crater there, as well as sending a shock wave across the land, forcing both brothers into an endless sleep.

At some point in time, the Region of Stone was over run by Skull Spiders.

Eventually, Pohatu crashed down somewhere in the Region of Stone, and the Protector of Stone told the Toa of his destiny. The two embarked on a quest for the Toa's Mask of Power, the Golden Mask of Stone.

Before Pohatu reached his mask, the Protector of Stone was surrounded by Skull Spiders. However, before they could over take him, Pohatu claimed his Golden Mask of Stone, and threw one of his Stormerangs, taking out a few enemies. He created a sandstorm, and defeated even more assailants. Soon after this, he embarked for the Temple of Time.

Inhabitants Edit

Locations Edit

  • Villages of Stone

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