The Region of Earth is one of six elemental regions of Okoto.

Description Edit

The Region of Earth is filled with treacherous revines, crevices and rifts, and has a complex series of tunnels and caverns beneath the surface, with fields of obsidian giving it a unique look.

History Edit

At some point in time, the region was over run by Skull Spiders.

Eventually, Onua crashed down from the sky in an unknown area of the Region of Earth, where the Toa was informed of his destiny by the Protector of Earth. The two then set out to claim the Toa’s Mask of Power, the Golden Mask of Earth.

Before Onua could collect his mask, Skull Spiders overtook the Protector of Earth. He climbed the column of obsidian that had the Golden Mask of Earth atop it. He claimed it, and freed the Protector of Earth using his earthquake hammer. He then set off for the Temple of Time.

Inhabitants Edit

Locations Edit

  • Villages of Earth

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