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Rahkshi of Insect Control
Biographical Information
Power(s)Insect Control
Location(s)One specimen in the Archves

An Orange Rahkshi has the power of insect control. They had yellow and black kraata. One was encountered by the Toa Metru while trying to fix a leak in the Archives. It was with a Rahkshi of Weather Control. It was eventually defeated. The Rahkshi of Weather Control then stumbled upon a stunned Rahkshi of Insect Control. Nokama also fought the Rahkshi of Insect Control later on, but it turned out to be the Krahka.


Rahkshi (v|e)
Named: TurahkGuurahkLerahkPanrahkVorahkKurahk
Unnamed: Rahkshi of Heat VisionRahkshi of Weather ControlRahkshi of Insect Control
Rahkshi Kaita:
Rahkshi Kaita ZaRahkshi Kaita Vo

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