Protodermis Reclamation Furnace
Vakama Screen 2A
Location Information
Primary ResidentsNone
Former ResidentsNuurakh, Ta-Matoran
LocationMetru Nui

The Protodermis Reclamation Furnace was the furnace in the Protodermis Reclamation Yard of Ta-Metru. It was where broken Kanohi could be melted down to be recycled. It was damaged by the Great Cataclysm, but repaired by the Staff of Artakha.

It was later abandoned after Spherus Magna was reformed.

Ta-Metru (v|e)
Great Furnace  • Protodermis Reclamation Yard  • Protodermis Reclamation Furnace
Fire Pits  • Vakama's Forge

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