Proto Drake
Proto Drake
Species Information
Species StatusAlive
PronunciationPro-toe drake
"Ga-Matoran must be very friendly sorts. If I saw something that size flying toward me, claws ready to grab, I don't know that I would be welcoming it with open arms. Unfortunately, the Visorak don't care if a creature is 'friendly' or not - they want them all in their web - so I will do the best I can to snare these things for their own protection"
Rahaga Gaaki, BIONICLE: Rahi Beasts

Proto Drakes are graceful amphibious Rahi created by Makuta Kojol that dwelled in the Protodermis seas around Metru Nui, and later around the coast of Mata Nui.

Their fins allow them to move in water and gave them the ability to fly. Proto Drakes captured prey by using the claws on their fins and tail. They actually got their name for their habit in bathing in Ta-Metru vats. Onu-Matoran have theorized that these Rahi do this to remove parasites that attached themselves to the Drake's body. Some Proto Drakes live around The Pit, in the area known as Razor Whale's Teeth and hunted Takea sharks.

Following the collapse of the Matoran Universe, all its inhabitants evacuated onto Spherus Magna, with the Proto Drakes likely being rescued from the robot at some point afterwards. 

Trivia Edit

  • The Proto Drake model was created by Gar and Keane Secrist.

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