Pahrak-Kal's Plasma powers out of control
Element Information
Matoran Prefix Su-
Associated Color(s) Primary: Orange
Secondary: White
Associated Location(s) Hot Regions

Plasma, was an Elemental Power wielded by several different species within the Matoran Universe.


  • Creating plasma.
  • Controlling plasma.
  • Vaporizing objects.
  • Absorbing plasma.
  • Melting objects.
  • Unleashing a Plasma Nova Blast - (Toa-exclusive)
  • Increasing or decreasing the temperature of plasma.


Beings other than Toa cannot combine powers of any sort to create a Protodermis cage. As long as each wields a different element, any six Toa can create a Protodermis cage.

Known UsersEdit

These beings were wielders of the Element of Plasma:


  • All Matoran, Toa, and Turaga of Plasma are male.
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Secondary LightShadowLightningMagnetismPlantlifePlasmaGravitySonicsPsionicsIronSand
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