"The energy of the Pakari flowed through [Kopaka], giving him extra strength."
—Narration, BIONICLE Chronicles 1: Tale of the Toa
Mask of Strength
Power(s)Greatly increased user's strength
KanokaRegeneration; Enlarge; Remove Poison
Notable Wearer(s)The Toa Mata (fomerly)

The Kanohi Pakari was the Mask of Strength. It vastly increased the user's brute physical strength.

Pakari were carved out of a mixture of Regeneration, Enlarge, and Remove Poison Kanoka on Metru Nui.

Example UsageEdit

Great: Kopaka used his recently-acquired Pakari to give more power to his paddling an ice raft across a lake of lava in BIONICLE Chronicles 1: Tale of the Toa.

Known WearersEdit





Set InformationEdit

The Pakari was first released in 2001; a black one was included in the Onua set, while a purple version was included in the promotional McDonald's Onepu set; the boxed Nui-Jaga set released in the same year came with four Pakari; two in purple, and two in light blue. It was also possible to get the Pakari in either red, blue, green white or brown in the Kanohi Mask packs released, which contained two randomly-selected masks. The red Pakari was also included in the BIONICLE watch and the blue one with the Tarakava.

In 2002, the Pakari was again released in orange in two sets: The Rahi Master Builder Set, and served as Nuparu's mask when the Matoran was first released in the Boxor set. It was also possible to get the Pakari in gold or silver in the Kanohi/Krana pack, which contained two randomly selected gold and silver masks and three Krana.

The Pakari was released for the last time in the Takua and Pewku titan set of 2003 - this one came in the formerly-exclusive light blue previously released in the Nui-Jaga set of 2001.

Collectibles (v|e)
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