The Onu-Koro Trading Guild was a union of Onu-Matoran traders. Its leader was believed to be Zemya. It complained that the Onu-Koro Marketplace was isolated from the rest of the island, and that the lack of Lightstones made it difficult for a Po-Matoran Trader to do business with them. It also worried about the danger of reaching Onu-Koro due to the number of fierce Rahi. However, it rejected Turaga Whenua's suggestion that they attempt to do business by sea, like the Ga-Matoran, because of the dangerous Tarakava that prowled the waters. It was represented on the Onu-Koro Council.


Its supposed leader, Zemya, spoke to Whenua during the Onu-Koro-Council, which was seen in the Mata Nui Online Game.

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