The Onu-Koro Council was the advisory body to Turaga Whenua, leader of Onu-Koro. It was composed of Zemya, Guildmaster of Trade in Onu-Koro, an unidentified Captain who controlled the ground forces and mining, and unidentified Guildmaster of miners in Onu-Koro, and Onepu, head of the Ussalry. Takua found the council in a meeting, with Turaga Whenua pestered with complaints from the guildmasters and the Captain. Onepu was not present at this meeting; he was busy organizing a patrol of the Onu-Koro tunnels.


  • Turaga Whenua, leader of Onu-Koro
  • Onepu, head of the Ussalry
  • Zemya, Guildmaster of the Onu-Koro Trading Guild
  • An unidentified Captain who oversaw ground forces and mining
  • An unidentified Guildmaster of the Onu-Koro Mining Guild

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