Protectors Crop
Species Information
Tools and AbilitiesVarious, Elemental Blasters

History Edit

The Okotans are the inhabitants and the villagers of Okoto. They lived in villages around the island. There were six types, each corresponding to the six regions of Okoto similar to the Protectors.

Description Edit

They tended to be more monochromatic than the Protectors and were a similar small size. Most okotoans in the same village were identical with the same exact color and all had silver and black chests and hands. The water, jungle, and stone villagers came in more standard, darker shades of blue, green, and brown then their respective Toa and the earth villagers were mainly violet instead of black. They seemed to wear powerless masks although they had the ability to use some mask powers (unlike the Matoran from the original series)(likely to a lesser degree than a Toa).

The Dark Portal 20

An earth Okotan testing a powered mask for Makuta

Destroyer's Game 21

A group of Okotans from different villages

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