Nynrah Ghostblasters

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Nynrah Ghostblasters
Ghost Blaster
Weapon Information
PowerFires Nynrah ammo
User(s)Tahu (formerly), Gali, Onua, Krika (formerly), Gorast (formerly), Bitil (formerly), Trinuma
StatusIn use

The Nynrah Ghostblasters were launchers made by the Nynrah Ghosts that featured Nynrah Ammo. They were carried by the Mistika. As their name suggests, they were made in Nynrah.



The Makuta Nynrah Ghostblaster had the power to control mechanical objects for a short period of time, for example: robots, other Nynrah Ghostblasters, and even the mechanical elements of bio-mechanical beings.

The ammunition carried by Krika, Gorast and Bitil was green. Their Nynrah Ghostblasters were destroyed by the Energy Storm.

The Makuta's Nynrah Ghostblasters had light yellowish-green bullets. 

Toa Nuva

The Toa Nuva's Ghostblasters had the power to fire a projectile that released energy that could be shaped by the user's thoughts into any shape their will desires; for example a shield, a weapon, and almost anything the user can imagine. This version of the blaster was particularly effective against the Makuta as much of the energy generated by the weapon is light energy.

The ammunition carried by Tahu, Gali, and Onua was a dark metallic gray color.


Set Information

The Nynrah Ghostblasters used compressed air to fire a dart. An accordion-like pump (Red for the Makuta, gray for the Toa) forced air out of the barrel to fire the dart. Another port in the blaster contained a second dart (Green for the Makuta, gray for the Toa). Gali's Ghostblaster had an Aqua Focus Target mounted on it.

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