The My LEGO Network BIONICLE Campaign was started in January 2009. It was for My LEGO Network. A short part for the Kanoka Club was launched in April or May 2008.


  • Agori Honor Badge, Rank 1
  • Agori Honor Badge, Rank 2
  • Agori Honor Badge, Rank 3
  • Agori Honor Badge, Rank 4
  • Agori Honor Badge, Rank 5



  • Thornax Plant Module
  • Jungle Adventure Sticker Module
  • Desert Ambush Sticker Module
  • Desert Adventure Sticker Module
  • Bonehunter Trap Module
  • Agori Trophy Module


  • Thornax
  • Rock Salt
  • Thornax Stew
  • Musk of the Vorox
  • Stinger Oath
  • Ancient Scroll
  • Gresh's Seal
  • Red Pearls
  • Quick Silver Flux
  • Ancient Spear Fragment 1
  • Ancient Spear Fragment 2
  • Ancient Spear Fragment 3
  • Ancient Spear
  • Tarix's Seal
  • Desert Spring Location
  • Iconox's Favor
  • Strakk's Seal
  • Atakus's Mark
  • Skrall's Seal
  • Glatorian Contract
  • Bonehunter Blade


See Walkthrough on MLNWiki

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