Motara Desert
Location Information
Primary Residents'
Former ResidentsPo-Matoran
LocationMata Nui
MakutaTeridax (formerly)

The Motara Desert is a desert in the Po-Wahi region on the island Mata Nui. It was also a dock for the ships from Ga-Koro. Many Rahi lived here, such as the Sand Tarakava and Mahi. Po-Koro, the quarry, and many dunes were also located here. It has been wiped out by the Bohrok now. The Motara desert covered the Eastern region of Po-Wahi.

Po-Wahi (v|e)
Leva BayMotara DesertKraata CaveTiro CanyonQuarryPath of PropheciesPo-Koro Kolhii StadiumOnewa's HutTemple of Creation

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