Mata Nui Online Game II: The Final Chronicle

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Mata Nui Online Game II-The Final Chronicle

Mata Nui Online Game II was an online game created by Templar Studios and was released on in June 26, 2003. It was a sequel to the first game, MNOG. This time the player would be Hahli and would travel from Koro to Koro collecting six crystals, accomplishing tasks and playing Kolhii. After a while; it was taken off from in 2004 (as the website was being re-designed), but was later brought back to the website as a Kanoka Club exclusive. But this time it was glitch-ridden and whole files were missing. The game wasn't finishable and hardly even playable. Four years later (2008), the game was no longer an exclusive and was available for free to everyone from

It was officially removed from and in 2009 along with MNOG.

How to play

The player moves Hahli by clicking the mouse where they would like to move.


A BZPower user called Biomaniac created an offline MNOG II and fixed most of the glitches. But the biggest problem with the offline game was that it couldn't autosave. You would have to edit a file called "getstate.asp" to save. This version was later modified by jetslandingboard (also of BZP) with the ability to save without the long and complicated scripting process. However, the original "getstate" file must be kept if the player ever wishes to restart, and only certain programs can edit the file.


Notice: This cheat will not work anymore unless or until the game window is closed and re-opened.

  • If "kapura" is typed, Pressing control left, control right, control left, control left, control left, control right, control right, control down: multiplies all items in the player's inventory by a random amount.


  • Many names of the Matoran seen in the game were derived from Finnish words along with many European country's languages.

External Links

  • BOGA had MNOG II: The Final Chronicle up for download until their website was fully shut down by their hosting services.
  • BioMedia Project has a streaming version: game page . (Contains Online Save and Offline Versions of MNOG II) 
  • And BMP also lets you download an offline copy, allowing you to toy with the game files: MNOG II


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