Mata Nui Explorer is a bonus feature included in BIONICLE: Mask of Light in which the player may select different regions on the island of Mata Nui and learn of different facts about the characters associated with the regions. The game is narrated by Takua.

Gameplay Edit


The selected region screen.

Using the DVD remote controls, the player can select one of the seven locations on the explorer, which includes all six villages and the lair of Mangaia. Once the player has selected, he/she would be transported to a different screen, in which a description of the area would be provided and the player may choose different characters assigned to the region. Each region has, at maximum, three characters, and include all the Toa Nuva, along with a few Matoran and Rahkshi.


The selected character screen.

When the characters are selected, a description of the character would then be given.

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